09 February 2008

Anthony Bourdain

I read a post over on Chez Pim about Tony and thought I would add my own Love Letter. I adore this man, not just because he is completely hot I mean Seriously Hot but also the way he gets right to it. You know if he has something to say it is how he genuinely feels.
Tony struck me first on Top Chef when he called Howie a son of a bitch after Howie quoted one of his books. That was when my crush began. I had seen an episode where he was eating some disgusting crap on a houseboat in Viet Nam maybe and thought gah, this dude is nasty. I thought he was probably someone that I would not enjoy but I did not get to see his personality.
My favorite episode has to be the one where he and his crew were trapped in Beirut. I have since downloaded all episodes of No Reservations to my iPhone. Even though he still hates my girl Rachel Ray, I think he is great.


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