11 January 2009

What to Ditch in the Kitchen -Mark Bittman says

David Lebovitz posted this link over on Facebook . The author seemed to be outraged, I am not outraged but then I have no emotional investment in Mark Bittman .

Here are the items he says are out.

Packaged bread crumbs or croutons.
I do only use the Japanese kind but how would you even make that from scratch?

Bouillon cubes or powder, or canned stock.
They do have a lot of salt but I cannot see how powdered bouillon could possibly be out.

Aerosol oil.
Okay, what? Does he mean Pam? I could live without it but I do use it occassionally.

Bottled salad dressing and marinades.
Alright, I will give him that one.

Bottled lemon juice.
I always use fresh lemons so yeah okay.

Spices older than a year.
Definitely agree on this one, who has spices around a year? Ohh yes, my boyfriend. Garlic powder that is now a garlic brick.

Dried parsley and basil.
Yeah, just uncalled for except I do like dried parsley for tea.

Canned beans.
I cannot really see me cooking chickpeas but maybe those are not beans. I do like canned beans, they give over a different product than fresh that sometimes works better.

Imitation vanilla.
ew, seriously? People use that?

Grated imitation “Parmesan” (any other pre-grated cheese).
See above

Canned peas (and most other canned vegetables).
Ahh here we go well canned green peas are disgusting but again, some veggies are ok canned I think.

Tomato paste in a can.
Can you make your own tomato paste? I get it in a squirty tube though that I keep in the freezer, is that ok?

Premade pie crusts.
Wow, no. Just don't make pie.

Cheap balsamic or flavored vinegars.
Well, no I don't think I use cheap ones and never flavoured, that is odd.

Minute Rice or boil-in-a-bag grains.
uhh guilty but only to go with chili because when I make chili I really don't want to cook. Even rice and I am a pro at making rice.

“Pancake” syrup.
What else do you put on your pancakes?

He also added in his blog Pop Tarts and bottled water. I have to agree on both but kids sort of need Pop Tarts. I would feel sorry for a child that never had one. I used to put butter on mine and once as a grown up when I was well, emotionally challenged canned cream cheese frosting.



I think by "Pancake Syrup" he means that bottled stuff that is mostly sugar with very little maple, and isn't even close to 100% pure maple syrup.


Hi Karen, I think you are right. Thank you for stopping by. Do you have a blog?

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