22 September 2009

Friday Reality Check-Tuesday Edition

I am so excitedabout the new season, I am really looking forward to Grey's Anatomy on Thursday and NCIS tonight. How I Met Your Mother was alright but kind of a bleh start to a show that has really dragged out the Mother thing far too long. I forget that is supposed to be the premise of the show until they bring it up. It kinda brings it all down because they have dragged it out for so long, I don't really care anymore who their mother is.
I am still kinda wanting to see Sheldon nail Penny on The Big Bang Theory. There just isn't really any chemistry with Leonard. At least they do seem to have admitted that in this episode so maybe that can end.

The Emmys were fun, Neil Patrick Harris was great and the gowns were beautiful for the most part. I thought Sarah Silverman was funny-ish but that gown was horrid. I was completely shocked that Toni Collette won for a show that most people never heard of, seemed very strange.

I really liked how Kate Walsh commented that she was keeping it low key, I would really like for more stars or people in the spotlight to spend less money and be proud of it. She looked beautiful.

Have I mentioned lately how much I cannot stand Giuliana Rancic? She is such an idiot, asks the stupidest questions, no idea how to handle celebrities and her timing is terrible. She looks like a scarecrow and has no sense of style. She always looks like she gets her clothes from the teen section. More Jay, less G.

One more thing. Lady Gaga is a dude. I am sure of it.

Hahah I actually love Russell right now, I am sure I will get over it but the Dumbass Girl Alliance is just too damn funny. I checked him out a bit and he seems to be one of those stereotypical oil men that you love to hate. A pint sized JR with a little less drama. There are other interesting characters as well. I am excited for the season!

An odd bunch this time, of course I have to love Donny Osmond but I am pretty excited about The Chairman and that adorable little snowboarder Louie Vito. I would love for Ashley Hamilton to make a good showing but he has a long way to go. I honestly thought he was still in a wheelchair. It was so great to see him! I am more excited about the girls than the boys this season.
I hope Tom Delay is the first to go out of principle but I am not sure how many weeks I can stand to look at Nick Carter or Karina. She really needs to go, she comes off as a fame whore and I am over her.


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