05 March 2007

Is it a Secret?

There is a somewhat heated situation going on over at another blog. It all started with the author's interpretation of her life. She feels that living the "Secret" has brought her to the place where she is now. Okay, good for her, but the problem lies in some of the statements she has made, declaring there are no victims in this world, everyone attracts the misfortune and horrible things that happen to them. I personally find this all to be a bunch of hooey. I probably would never have commented on her blog had she not made such ignorant and sweeping statements. I am not going to get into all of that now, I read the book, saw the film and really cannot imagine that those people have become so rich off the desperation of others and am SHOCKED that Oprah supports this.
However the problem now seems to be that this person believes that she can say whatever she likes on her blog and no one has the right to comment in a negative way or to judge her. This is where I heartily disagree. If you lay your life out on the open internet you are at the very least inviting your readers to pass judgement on what you say and the life you live. After all, the only information we have is what we read there.
From the posts I have made so far I would assume that people think I am a fat quitter who watches too much tv, was probably a drug abuser and slut in the 80's and has not been able to make her dream of spending a year in Paris come true. Horrors! I am actually more fluffy than fat, I do watch far too much tv and the 80s? well let's not go there okay ::snicker::, I am still going to Paris, maybe not for a year but I am going! I am fun, loyal and helpful. I have a wonderful relationship with my man and my children (who are successful and gorgeous) and I lavish far too much attention on a tiny Yorkie named Emma.
The thing I am wondering here is, do you realize how your readers see you? Are you surprised to think that they are judging you by the words you write?


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