16 March 2007

Sunday Scribblings-Inspiration

This week's Sunday Scribblings is Inspiration. I find it in the weirdest places, usually a sound or a smell will trigger something that inspires me to write. I have dozens of unfinished posts tucked away that are based on a small inspiration and when they bloom into a real thought I will finish them. My life is changing now and I am finding great inspiration from dreams that I pushed aside and people who love me. Real love, you know that trade my life for yours, I would shrivel up and die if you don't love me back kind of love. Not the I need somebody and oh well, you are here so you will do sort of love.

Reading Sam's post about Grey's this morning reminded me how much that show has changed my life. I can't talk about that particular episode because a lot of you aren't as far along as I am and I would never dream of spoiling a single second for anyone. The show is a gift. Truly a gift to girls like me who want and need and forget sometimes what is important. There is a healing that comes from curling up all alone in my dark living room with my big soft afghan knitted by my dead stepdad's mother and crying my heart out; my tiny Yorkie curled up on my shoulder occassionally giving me a little reassuring lick on the ear then tumbling confused and annoyed to the sofa when I jump up and cheer when one of the characters does what I have been telling them to do for the entire hour(still crying of course).


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