01 May 2007

PCOS and Pre-Diabetes

I was diagnosed on Monday with PCOS and pre-diabetes. Yikes. Well this is sort of good news bad news as it is something that can be treated and explains this massive amount of weight I have gained in the last year and a half for seemingly no reason. I have seriously tried everything and not had much luck. I have just had all of this fat just settle around my midsection and thanks to books like You on a Diet I have been terrified I was going to die. I even went into therapy to see if this was some sort of an emotional issue.
How encouraging to find out I actually have a medical reason! But still, diabetes sucks. I am on Metformin to treat both and let me tell you that is not fun. I have spent the week feeling really unwell. I will spare you the gory details but finally on day 4 I am feeling quite a bit better. I have still dragged myself onto the treadmill every day but Wednesday, that was my worst day.
Anyway, I have some new stuff to think about now and am really working at this. With my slight OCD I am sure I will have it down to a science soon!


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