13 May 2007

Turkey Bacon

This morning I discovered turkey bacon is neither turkey nor bacon. It is more like some sort of gross bologna product. Of course there is no grease so it sticks and makes my egg stick. However, as my friend helpfully pointed out, while scrubbing the pan clean I did burn off the 20 calories I had consumed. I find that my day goes a lot better if I have protein rather than carbs for breakfast so I am trying out some ideas. I think I will be going back to grilling boiled ham with my egg.
Then I go over to Sam's and see her breakfast. Sigh.
Sam's post did remind me that I thought if I had a bread machine I could make my own whole grain sugar free bread and wouldn't need to spend 20 minutes reading labels. I don't mind whole grain sugar free bread too much but the texture is pretty dense and it is much better toasted. It holds the sandwich together and that is all I really need I suppose. I still cannot get completely away from a sandwich, and can sometimes trick myself with lettuce wraps or putting the fat-free cheese on the outside and sort of rolling it up.
I am trying to get away from fake stuff like fat free and sugar free and focus on things that came that way naturally. But for a girl who has become accustomed to a #3 from Taco Bell or a #1 from Sonic to a grilled breast and salad, it is going to take some time.


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