01 November 2007


Last week iPurchased this. Yowza. iAm a happy biyatch, this thing is so iPhabulous I cannot even begin to tell you. iPhigure it will be completely useless in Europe but oh well (iAm done with the iCrap, iPromise).
I went to the ATT store - because I am their prisoner - to see about getting a new phone. I had pretty much decided I wanted a Blackberry Pearl. I looked at all the phones in the store, even though I was qualified for an upgrade it was still going to cost about $300. Boo. Plus the media package was nearly $40 a month. Then the salesgeek told me that was extremely limited web browsing. What? Well no point in that then. I went back to look at the generic regular old phones and he said well there is the iPhone...wait, what? Nooo I cannot have an iPhone, I am not cool enough, I seriously cannot be that person. No, really I don't want to hold it..oohhh myyy Goood. Yeah, put that in a bag, it lives at my house now.


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