28 February 2008

Anthony Bourdain in Romania

Ok so the experience sucked. So what? I mean come on people, we dont watch No Reservations to get the gilded version, if we wanted that we would watch Samantha Brown. Will it keep me from visiting Romania? Of course not, the people who watch his show are intelligent enough to understand that shit happens. I don't know why the people of Romania need to be upset, I mean we have George Bush representing our country, how much more embarassing can it get?
By the way, I applaud the poor person who is stuck moderating that post, truly I do but two comments I made did not get published and the one that was got redlined into a mess of unrecognizable bad grammar and spelling. I am sure I can spell appalled. Really I am. I don't see why Tony can say fuck but I cannot say ass. I call foul.


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