26 February 2008

Jamon Iberico Bellota

I get email updates from la Tienda regularly. I love this virtual shop and have found many items and foodstuffs there that make me think of the pleasures Spain has to offer without leaving my flat. There is no question that the jamon in Spain is the best in the world, but $1400 for a ham? Seriously? I could fly over there and get my own for that price. This jamon comes from the Cerdo Ibérico which eats fallen acorns. I did a little reasearch and it seems that not only are the males castrated but the females are spayed to prevent them being bred by feral or other domestic hogs.
This made me think about the ranch down in the Hill Country. T constantly curses the feral hogs that can destroy a property in no time if they are allowed to run free. This is a real problem for farmers and ranchers in Texas and probably other areas as well. These hogs can weigh over a thousand pounds. They are very smart also which is a little scary when you see some of the stuff they do. I imagine them having a beer in front of the flatscreen during the week when there are no humans around. I thought maybe I would encourage T to consider fencing off some areas under the live oaks. What if we snagged a few and fattened them up on acorns. I could use the Benjamins. Do acorns fall off Live Oaks?


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