25 February 2008


I have new car! I am so excited, it is a perfect fit for me. I have been researching on the web for a couple of months trying to decide what to buy. I wanted something classic enough that I could keep it for several years if I wanted, I am gone so much so I do not drive great distances, my 2003 I traded in had 34,000 miles on it.
I had originally planned on a Mini Cooper, that seemed to be the cutest car on the planet. I did not see that many over in Cowtown but once I moved over here to Dallas they are everywhere. One day at Target there were 6 of them in the same parking row. I was on my way to the Scion dealership to drive the Xb. I was a little concerned about this choice because it is only offered in pretty boring colors but I thought I would drive that and then go drive the Mini. I could not find the Scion dealership and was looking for a place to pull over and check my iPhone for the location when I noticed my temperature gauge was quickly creeping toward the H. I turned around and headed for the VW lot which was actually third on my list but closest to where my Hyundai was apparantly having a meltdown.
I had planned on a red convertible with a black top, but one look at this one and I knew it was for me. It is called the W3 which means it is a triple white. I love the white leather interior, it looks great with all the black and chrome trim. I have a silk daisy in the bud vase!


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