25 March 2008

Friday Reality Check (on Tuesday)

I am a reality show junkie. This is how I feel about the shows from last week, and the week before since I skipped one.
Make Me a Supermodel
I really enjoyed this show, I don't care much for Nikki Taylor as a judge, she has no personality. I mean I like her and all but she is boring. I don't think they need to go as far as Janice Dickinson but maybe there is an in between? I like all of the finalists so it doesn't matter to me who wins.
Survivor: Fans vs Favorites
Gah, so frustrating. I would love to see Ozzie and James as the final two
American Idol 9
So glad Amanda was booted, America got it right. I liked her but she made it pretty clear she was only there for self promotion and had no intention of trying to win. Archuleta was a little better this week. I guess David Cook is my favorite right now.
Big Brother 9: til Death
James is an ass, I can't wait for Chelsea to get off the show and find out he is a gay porn star. Haaahahaha. Okay so what really chaps my ass about these two is that they are playing out of spite. That is no way to win the game. I surely hope James goes next, I can't stand to look at that completely stupid bow tie tattoo another day.
Natalie is my hero, I know she is crazy but I like her spirit. Her and Baller as the final two LOL! I am looking forward to seeing Evel Dick, I just hope he doesn't bring skeletor with him.
Biggest Loser: Couples
America's Next Top Model
Still not crazy about this season
The Bachelor
He is too cute for any of those girls. He should be with me. Wait, I already have a man, never mind.
I know Lost is not a reality show but I am seriously crazy about it as well. Can you tell I have no life? I am leaving soon for the Netherlands, and I think it is absurd that you cannot watch online unless you live in the US. I mean yeah, there are places I can go to see the shows and the Dutchman can certainly...well never mind lol... but it seems unfair. I guess it is because of advertising.


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