07 March 2008

Friday Reality Check

I am a reality show junkie. This is how I feel about the shows from last week.
Project Runway: Finale
I thought Jillian's collection was way better than Rami's. His reminded me of the stuff you get in the cheap stores in Holland, stuff that you look at and think huh, that is interesting but I would never wear it. I thought Jillian's was ready to go into Neimans or Nordstroms. I would have worn pretty much every piece she had, so yeah it was very commercial and wearable. Then there was Christian, oh my. His collection was fierce. I could see that Victoria really loved it, it was very much her style but I have to agree that only a size minus 0 could pull it off. I think that he did deserve to win but honestly I liked Chris' collection more, minus the hair. It was the hair that killed him, it is almost like he sabotaged himself on purpose.
Survivor: Fans vs Favorites
Wow, what a stupid, stupid mistake. I think Ozzy is certainly going to come to regret that choice. Cirie will vote him off next. What a dumbass. He had all the time in the world to get rid of Joel, she said Joel didn't help them in the challenges, well neither did she so why not just vote her off?
Big Brother 9: til Death
Seriously, I am not in love with anyone on this show. I was sorta liking red mohawk guy until I was told he does gay porn. ew. Who does porn? I mean come on, it doesn't pay enough to make it worth it. No, I am not going to tell you how I know that.
Biggest Loser: Couples
I am so over this group of people, maybe it came too fast after the last one, but all this man-crying is just too much. Suck it up already or at least edit that shit out, I don't care about all of that drama, that is not why I watch the show. I want to turn it off feeling insipred and positive, not like I want to go kill myself. It is depressing to see all that hate and backstabbing like there has been the last two times.
At this point I only watch to get tips from Jillian and Bob.
American Idol 9
Thank God Danny Noriega is gone. You know, the contestants need to be a little bit grateful, I mean to be so disrespectful of Simon is uncalled for. Yes he is an ass but so what, he knows what he is talking about and he earned his spot. If he says you suck then you do. I am also over David Archuleta, he is a little too cocky for his level also. I love all the boys and I love Amanda Overmyer and Carly Smithson, can't stand the rest of the girls.
America's Next Top Model
I don't have a favorite yet.


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