05 March 2008

Hillary Takes Texas

WooHoo! I am grateful for the surge of support Hillary has received in the last few weeks but I sure do wish these endorsements had come a little sooner, I mean where were Ellen and Jack Nicholson when we were fighting for California? It would be great if the party would man up like the GOP did and tell Obama to stand down. He has no business being president of the United States, he doesn't have the experience or the power that this country needs right now.
Obama is not qualified to run this country, he has no stance on anything other than to twist what Hillary says and try to make it seem like that is what he wants also. I am offended by the people who are comparing him to MLK, he is not a tenth the man MLK was and it is an insult to all he stood for. MLK spent his life fighting for what he believed, someone pulled Obama's name out of a hat 2 years ago and decided to turn him into a presidential candidate on some bullshit Hope platform, 3 years ago most people had never heard of him.
Wtf is with the Hope anyway? We don't need someone running on a promise of Hope, we already have hope, what we need is action, someone who knows what they are doing and has the ability to make things happen fast, not a puppet for people with an agenda. We already had eight years of that and personally I do not want another eight years of paying back favors.
To be honest, it really is not fair to Obama, to expect that he can carry this burden when he is clearly not up to the task. When I look at his face I see a man who is burdened, he looks tired and haggard and clearly out of his league. You look at Hillary and you see a woman full of fire, ready to do the job she was born to do. Obama has difficulty even stringing sentences together. He is not ready for what the people ask of him and I am not ready to take that risk. I do believe Obama would make an excellent running mate for Clinton and in eight years he will have the experience to take over. It is the logical way to do it and what is best for this country. It disappoints me that he does not see this.
We are in the shitter people, we need someone who is ready. Hillary Clinton is ready.


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