22 July 2008

Big Brother 10

omg can this be the first one where the HOH is the one voted off? I cannot stand this preening moron and he is so unattractive. I mean obviously his body is nicely structured but his face is weird and his personality (or lack of) is really annoying. His reasons for nominating Steven are so lame, because he didn't shake his hand? Seriously? I think it is because he is afraid he will get drunk and slip between the sheets with Steven. I hope Dan gets to stay, I really like him. If you are like me and want to read the feed recaps head over to Survivor Sucks .



Ooooh I'm not sure who you are but I saw on my blog stats that people had followed to my blog from here.

VERY excited to find another expat blogger in NL. There are a few of us out there but I admit I really enjoy reading posts from other people over here.

I also love that you are watching shows from back home (like Big Brother)!!! You have no idea how many of my friends I try to talk to here who have no idea about these shows because they refuse to let me teach them how to download haha

Jessie grosses me out!! Omg I literally groaned out loud when he became HOH. I loved the 'I am not stupid, I just wanted people to think that! I beat everyone at chess, what does that tell you?!'

Uhhh, that other than lifting weights and looking at yourself, chess is the only thing you are able to do?

Going to read more now...


Hi Breigh! I am actually in Texas now, I go back and forth between Texas and Nieuwegein. I am a reality show junkie, I watch all of them.


haha I bet I have even you beat! because I download all my shows I also download shows like BB, Survivor, Next Top Model etc from other countries too! I watch BB US, Aus and UK all at the same time haha (UK and AUS are MUCH better btw)

Why do you go back and forth? Ant plans to move?


It sounds like you do have me beat! I am going to have to figure out this downloading thing, I have some sites where I go to watch some shows. We are also looking at SkyTV or a dish or something.

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