21 July 2008

McD's vs the Dutch Snackbar

I was reading a post at Sam's about McD's and thought about the fact that the Dutchman refuses to eat there. Supposedly this is because it is unhealthy but he will eat this mess from the snackbar on the corner and thinks it is a fabulous treat. Those are patatje oorlong which are actually not quite as disgusting as one would think, fries with peanutsaus and mayo. Dutch mayo is different from American mayo but still not quite what you expect on your fries. I sort of like it but not enough to justify the calories. That long skinny thing is sort of a Dutch hot dog, mystery meat that no one really wants to know about, but I would bet as tight as the Dutch are that it uses every leftover part of the pig including the squeal.

There are foods offered at McD's that are not so bad, the grilled chicken sandwiches or even a Big Mac are surely better for you than a Fricandel Speciaal.



I'm sorry but I love McDonalds. Another thing is this 'food in the wall'. The Dutch are big on bagging places like McD's and Burger King but they salivate at the idea of taking mystery meat products out of a hole in the wall that could have been sitting there for hours or (I shudder to think) even longer.

I'm still waiting patiently for Wendy's to arrive in NL.

They totally won me over on the fritesaus. Oh I love me some fries and mayo, and onion rings are surprisingly good with it too!

A Touch of Dutch

Great post!

The next time my buurman starts to complain about American fastfood to me, which he inevitably will, I will remember to point this out to him. I'm sure he enjoys patat with a big, greasy gehaktbal once a week or at least once a month.

I found your site via Breigh.com [Canadutch]. I'm going to add you to my links of expats on my blog.


Hello girls! I am so happy to have you visit. The first time I went over I stayed in Utrecht and spent most evenings in Hoog Catherine. I thought the food in the wall was so cool but the only thing I ever ate from there was the chicken satay which I love. I am addicted to the peanut sauce. Yummmm.


I will take McDonalds over any snack bar here!! I miss the american mayo too and how come we dont have Ranch here darn it? I laughed when I saw a bag of ranch doritos called Cool American!! LOL Thanks for stopping by my blog and I will be adding you to mine:o)


Hi Sonya! I am surprised by the food called American. The Dutchman likes the frozen pizza called Texas Style, it has all meat on it so I guess that is what makes it Texan sort of like putting pineapple on anything makes it Hawaiian. I do miss ranch dressing though and already plan to briing a few packs of Hidden Valley with me but I will have to figure out what Buttermilk is there.


We get the Texas style pizza too! LOL It's the only time I can eat decent peperoni. I get butter milk all the time for my pancakes..I'll as my dutch husband what the name is and let you know:) Half of the food I tried with the american label on it tastes nothing like the real deal from back home..nowonder people think we eat bad food..lol


Dutch buttermilk is: Karnemelk


Great site! I had a little chat with my guy about Dutch foods, there are a few that I question and just can't bring myself to eat yet. I've tried the kroket, but the consistancy of fried mush doesn't go over well with me. And even though it might say kip, it is really, I mean it's grey inside!
I'm with Breigh though, I'm all about the fritsaus or mmmmmmm the satesaus, now that I could eat by the buckets!


Thank you Sonya! Gah, I know what you mean, kroket IS grey inside and it has a flavor profile that I cannot quite define and am a little scared of actually. I like most of the foods that B (my Dutchman) has introduced and he is a very good cook but he loves my lasagne and fajitas so when I cook it is usually my way.


I am not sure why this is showing up as a new post on Twitterfeed, but if anyone finds it interesting I am glad!
I do have a comment about the food in the wall, once I was walking around Hoog Catherine literally starving and terrified to try and order, even from the Burger King. I saw the wall of food and I watched for a bit to see how that worked. This one was attached to a very busy restaurant and they seemed to have a system in place as I did see them changing things out. After a bit I decided to try the chicken on a stick and it was very good. I know now that was sate, but that wall became my go to dinner place and it never made me sick. This was about 8 years ago so things have probably changed. Reminds me that I need to make a trip there when I get back over this summer.

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