06 July 2008

The Next Food Network Star

18 July 08
Okay, so I was wrong about this one, I do still think Lisa will win but Adam seems to be stepping it up. I could watch a show by any of the top three really, maybe someone will replace Paula Deen. I am sure she is a delightful person but I cannot bear to watch her.

6 July 08
I think it is going to be Lisa, Shane and Kelsey in the final three. I feel that Lisa is the most ready to have her own show and has the most to offer right now but I also think a show with Kelsey and Shane together would be adorable. I was sorry to see Nipa leave, I love Indian food but she really had no business there as she didn't seem to be that good of a cook and to squirm over a fish was just weird.

I am not sure how they chose most of the contestants, makes me wonder if maybe I should apply! I have not been to culinary school, well not formally just here and there but I am sure I could do better than half the contestants this season.


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