28 July 2008

Lisa Garza - Robbed - The Next Food Network Star

Okay, I am sure Aaron McCargo, Jr. is a nice man and his family needed the win and blah blah blah but holy crap. Who is going to watch him? Not me, that is for sure, first of all he is impossible to understand, he has little if anything about him that is appealing or interesting other than that he is poor. Well, guess what. People watch reality tv either for pure entertainment or to escape and he is not able to provide either. How they could have possibly chosen him is beyond me, obviously they already had a type in mind and he fit it because as far as the editing of the season went-he has NOTHING to offer me as a rabid viewer.

Lisa is someone that I would watch over and over, I love her style, her look and her talent. She
has a lot to offer and I can only hope that someone else will pick her up, maybe the Travel Channel. In the meantime she has a Facebook page, I hope there is much much more of Lisa out there very soon as I am completely crazy about her and her style.
I also think Adam had a lot more to offer as someone who is extremely watchable. He has a great personality and a vulnerability that is endearing. I think he would be great on the Travel Channel as well.

We need another Food Channel, that is all there is to it and I should be in charge of programming. I guess I should have expected this to suck, after all they did choose Guy Fieri as a star when he is just a gasbag that can cram a lot of food in his mouth and mumble around it, "Oh yeah, that's money." Seriously? What an ass he was to the contestants on the next to the last episode.


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