29 July 2008

Shower Puffs, Kool-Aid and Sun Tea Oh MY!

I used to just throw some crap in a bag, run out the door, hop on my jet, watch a few movies that I wanted to see anyway, eat some fab BA food and boo-ya, 12 or so hours later I was ringing the bell on B's flat. If I forgot anything I would just pick it up at HEMA or Kruidvat. Not this time, with the dollar as weak as it is I will be stocking up on that crap here. Paying the equivalent of $15 for shampoo, conditioner and what would have been a 50 cent shower puff nearly killed me in April.

I am sure I will not be as fabulously organized as I want to be but there are a few things I really want to remember. I drink a lot and I try not to drink sodas or anything carbonated too often and water gets sooo old. I can make iced tea but mine is never as good as Sonic's so I drink a lot of KoolAid or other powdered drink mixes that are sweetened with Splenda or something. You know, I never even noticed if we have Splenda in the Nl, I am sure there is something like that. I would love to take a Sun Tea jar but that seems a little crazy even though I found one for $7. Maybe I will, I really love tea and B drinks waaay too much Pepsi.

The other thing I don't like to buy in the Nl is shoes. I have a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable and cute so I will be taking several pairs. I usually take three but this time I am taking a lot more. B jokes that he will need to buy the flat next door to hold my clothes. That would be true if I brought them all. I am so used to having tons of clothes, shoes and bags, it is going to be really hard to change.



I owned around 50 pairs of shoes. I only brought 10 pair with me to the NL and I'm kicking myself every day over it. I can't find comfortable yet fashionable shoes here. If they're flat shoes, they're ugly. If they're cute as hell, they're stilettos. Stilettos are great and sexy, but not on these brick and cobblestone streets here and not when you have to walk as much as you do here! Definitely try to shove as many shoes as you can in your bags!! My kingdom for a Payless Shoes! *sigh*


Don't worry you can get sugar substitutes here.

As for the shoes, I usually survive on very little shoe wise and when I do have to find a new pair it's a nightmare, I hear ya on that one.


I would LOVE to have a sun tea jar! the only real problem with that is that I dont think it will fit into my fridge! lol We finally bought a much larger one after having to deal with those beer fridges that everyone seems to have here..a can of pop can actually stand upright now.
I like the shoe size here but I hate how narrow they are. I actually like to be comfortable when wearing shoes.

A Touch of Dutch

Cute about the shoes! I am a shoe horse myself. Just recently spent more than planned at a shoe store & thankfully most were 50% off.

Hint for the day: Bring your own measuring spoons/measuring cups for cooking ;)

I'm adding to my list of "wants" a sun tea jar!

A Touch of Dutch

By the wayn Jules :) Your comment on WTF Africa at Breigh's blog, I give you kudos on as well! Those girls will find themselves walking in circles..


I did think about bringing my own measuring stuff but I am good with metrics since I almost made it through nursing school so that is not really a problem for me and there is a good converter on some recipe site that I use. I am not real big on baking yet since I have never figured out the oven. I made salmon in puff pastry once and we ended up having the vegetables and a salad as the salmon turned to stone :/

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