19 January 2009

How Did I get So Fat Again -The Plan

Day 8 of the Grapefruit Diet, ok I have basically abandoned the diet plan, eating bacon and eggs every day just cannot really be good for you. Switched to cereal of some sort and the grapefruit for breakfast.
I did add a 15 minute walk to my routine this morning, dang it does not take very long to get completely out of shape. I would have gone further but Emma managed to get out of her harness and it was impossible to get her wriggling body back in it on the street so I came in.
The cornbread I had with the pot roast for dinner probably was not a good idea. I do think I am finished with the crock pot, it seems like every time I make something in it I feel queasy the next day.
Here is my problem, how is it possible for a foodie such as myself to not be overweight? I just don't know how to do it, I mean I see all of these people who are way more into their food than me like David and Pim and smitten and Richard and so many others and they aren't a hundred pounds overweight, in fact they are slim and fabulous! How does this happen, do you not eat what you cook? I mean holy crap David makes ice cream and not the lowfat kind either. I love to cook and I love to eat, I guess I have to figure out how to either not eat it or develop a love for cooked things that will not slowly or maybe not so slowly-kill me.


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