23 January 2009

National Pie Day Part One

So apparantly this is the day for pie. I am off to the market in a minute to see what there is to inspire me to make pie in the dead of January. I know Central Market has those delightful tiny Neapolitan Mandarins but I am not feeling that for pie. They have some lovely Pears but that was my ex's favorite pie and I am still a little shaky on that front so don't think I will be going there today. I have a lot of cantaloupe but that just doesn't sound like a pie ingredient either.

I bet I end up with Buttermilk. Oooh maybe Chocolate Buttermilk, why not gild the lily. The difficult thing here is that I am planning a rustic pasta for dinner and some cheese and fruit would really be better. But what the hell, pie day only comes once a year. Apparantly.


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