08 January 2009

Snow in Marseille

These are some photos from Marseille that I swiped from my friend Carly. She never posts on her own blog, I guess she is too busy with a husband, baby and full time job. I still think she has time to squeeze in one more baby, it seems to be a good year for it. I think her son Gabriel may be the inspiration for this one!

This is from her balcony, they do live down close to the port. I knew it had snowed because she told me about this yesterday but I had no idea it was this much or that it even would snow in Marseille like this. She did also say that the city pretty much ground to a halt yesterday as they are not really able to handle this on a normal basis. I cannot even imagine this city being under a blanket of snow!
Apparantly the metro stopped short of it's destination and her husband had to trek part of the way home from the office on foot.

This photo is so beautiful, it looks like a Christmas card! I am so grateful to Carly for allowing me to share these with you and to make me jealous that she has snow and it is unlikely we will get any here. If we do it will just be ice and not pretty or fun.
Dallas also shuts down if it snows or gets icy as people here just are not used to it at all.
I also want to thank Leesa, I didn't realize how much it had snowed until I saw the pics on her blog, pointed Carly in that direction and then she showed me these!



Great pics! I did get a crockpot!!! I found it at Media Markt..well a friend referred me to it. It's a big one..6 quarts and it was like 50 euro I think. It was the only one there so I snagged it. There are several websites that sell them aswell..you spend just as much when you pay shipping.


Thanks for posting more pics of Marseille sous la neige!! There's still a lot of snow on the ground in Antony.... Hasn't melted yet! With the snow around, it "feels" even colder! Can you send me the link for Carly's blog, please... Thanks a bunch and thanks for stopping by my blog! --Leesa


Hi Juli-- I just went back to the post and noticed that you posted a like to Carly's blog- so I got it.. Also, thanks for linking to my blog, too... Take care, Leesa


I think it has been like 3 years since she posted on that blog Leesa! I yell at her all the time to update it.

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