21 February 2009


Sometimes I see something and think wtf, how did I miss that? I know I am a little well you know, but I honestly completely missed this book . Here is the interview that gave me the first clue after following a link from @bittman So I just signed up, purchased the ebook to read on my iPhone and when I can get out to Barnes & Noble I will buy the 3d version. I hope it has recipes, surely it does.
I am really at the end of my rope here, I am so tired, SO tired of being unhealthy. I am overweight sure but it isn't really about that although it would be nice to wear more fashionable clothes but mostly I just don't want to die. And I am just so tired. There isn't anything wrong with me, well nothing that being fat hasn't brought on, I am just out of shape, I don't exercise because I am too tired and I am too tired because I don't exercise. I know I should eat better, I want to eat better but I have no motivation because I am too tired.

It isn't like I can't workout, I am living in a lovely building that has an amazing gym on the third floor, there is even an elevator to take me to it. I have trainers and socks an iPod and a fancy sports bra, nothing stopping me. I am just too tired. I did have a cupcake, ham sandwich and M&Ms for lunch...


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