01 March 2009

Lessmeatarian Week One

My general observation so far about this eating/lifestyle plan is that it is pretty easy to eat less meat, I am having a harder time with dairy but that will come. I have been basically making the same sort of dishes I would normally but adding in more vegetables instead of meat. Yesterday we spent $48 on groceries for the week.

I am surprised at a couple of things, my nails are quite amazing. I have been distraught over the last couple of years that they were weird looking, all ridgedy and brittle and were just not cute. It was not a huge deal of course but disconcerting as I knew they should not look that way. A week into this and they have grown about 1/8 inch and are much smoother. On the same note, my hair is feeling very healthy. This may seem trivial but I am quite vain actually and happy about this, I also seem to be sleeping better and have more energy.

I have lost two pounds but to be fair I lose and gain this same 8 or so pounds every month so I am not really ready to declare an actual lost until the bouncing 8 is gone. I do really need to lose 30ish pounds but this is more about being healthy than losing weight, one should lead to the other.

In the interest of full disclosure I need to make a few comments. First of all I eat crapfood day in and day out, I believe the day I discovered the book I had a cupcake with pink frosting and 1/4 bag of dark chocolate M&Ms left over from Christmas for lunch, breakfast was probably just coffee. I usually ate at least one meal a day from McDs or Sonic or maybe Chicken Express, if I had time in the morning I would get takeaway breakfast as well. Home cooking for me usually meant a frozen pizza or a Lean Cuisine.

I have been on every diet known to man, had some success and then went right back to eating crapfood. I have done diet pills and Medifast under the supervision of my doctor who has basically told me I am never going to get rid of this weight until I make a decision to make changes as apparantly he does not have access to the magic pill. I have been on blood pressure meds and Metformin for Type 2 diabetes for about two years now.

The other disclosure or comment is that I started using Spirulina when I started this eating plan, I do not know how much effect this has on results but to me it does seem to fit right in with the direction I am headed.



Wow, good for you in taking on this significant diet change. Your body is already giving you important feedback. I look forward to reading your experiences. Great idea for a blog.


Thank you so much for stopping by!

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