23 March 2009

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Hand Scrub

Try this spring pick me up with ingredients you have in your pantry. Mix a little sea salt with some olive oil and scrub your hands, in between your fingers and up your arms to your elbows. Follow with a thick body creme and your skin will feel like silk! This is great for feet and the rest of your body as well but it makes a real mess in the tub, be careful as the oil will make it slippery.

You can also use it on your face but do not scrub, apply gently with your fingertips and be careful not to get near your eyes. Did I ever mention I am also a licensed aesthetician?



I just bought some sea salt from http://www.sustainablesourcing.com/

Wow, never even thought of combining the two...but it sounds WONDERFUL!!!



You just made me panic, is sea salt no longer pc? I cannot keep up with what is done and not done anymore. It actually does not have to be sea salt, just coarse. The salt has a detox effect, I suppose sugar would work as an exfoliant but are we allowed to have that in the pantry anymore? LOL!

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