08 March 2009

The Bachelor, Melissa Rycroft and Dancing With the Stars

I have not said anything about the finale as I was too pissed about it. Not about the result or the drama, that is why you watch a reality show, the part I don't like is the lying. Maybe Chris Harrison wasn't in on it but there is no doubt Jason and Molly were lying about being in contact. Neither of them are good enough actors to pull that off.
They can yammer on all they want to over at ABC about how the finale was organic but I call bullshit. I do not for one second believe that Molly was surprised to find that Jason wanted her back. I felt so bad for Melissa but she is so much better off. I never liked Jason, he always seemed slimy to me, like he couldn't wait to nail every girl on the show. The only one he was respectful to at all was Stephanie and why is she not the bachelorette instead of Jillian who was so fake and obviously no where near ready to be in a relationship.
I cannot stand Molly and I completely believe the stories coming out of her hometown about her married lover and how she came on the Bachelor to make him jealous. She totally seems like that type of skank.
Here is what I think happened. I think Jason changed his mind when he rejected Molly in NZ, she worked on him and he decided he wanted to be with her but it was too late to change or else ABC saw potential for high drama and made him go ahead with Melissa. I think Melissa truly believed he wanted her and he was faking. Of course being the slimeball he is he would not tell her the truth. I cannot imagine why Molly would want a liar but soon she will see some other unavailable man and go after him.
Now I see that Melissa is going to be on DWTS. So happy about that. Good for her. One of them chickens Richard Blais was talking about.



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