08 March 2009

Lessmeatarian Week Two

Since discovering Food Matters and Bittman's philosophy I have cooked pretty much every meal we have eaten. I have cooked more meals in the last month than I have in the last year. I am also off beef. I am one of those people that never really considered food sources all that much, I grew up around cattle and I certainly understand the concept but never thought about it much and now I can't stop thinking about it. I tried to cook a small roast last week, the entire flat smelled like ass and when it was done I sliced it, nearly hurled, gave Mary her portion and put the rest in the freezer, I couldn't bear to eat it. I am not sure if it is temporary or not but the thought of eating dead cow is too much. I don't feel that way about pork or chicken, although it has always seemed weird to me to make chickens into food. Hogs do seem like they are meant to be eaten for some reason, they just look like a food source to me. Same with fish.
My report on this week is much more grains and veggies. I don't think I have had any beef at all. Mary does better right now with casserole -type dishes so there has been pasta or rice or some sort of grain every evening. Lunch is usually salad type stuff or fruit or melon and breakfast is cereal. I am feeling pretty good about it all but far from having it well in hand. The baby is supposed to come early next week so after that we can get down to it. Mary has always been a healthy eater and wants to teach Molly good eating habits. I have totally bought into this iCook-centric philosophy and I hope to be completely on track by my birthday in May.
I cannot get over my fingernails.


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